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From the Grand Lodge

The Key to a More Peaceful World Lies Within
Help Spread the Light of AMORC

More than ever before, members have been contacting the Grand Lodge asking what they can do to serve humanity during this time of world strife. Collectively, we seem to be yearning for a way of not only becoming more compassionate and peaceful within ourselves, but also seeing the transformations we have experienced in our own lives, through our affiliation with the Rosicrucian Order, radiating out into the world as a whole.

We know that the key to a peaceful and compassionate world lies with the transformation of each human being, and therefore we ask that you personally commit to doing your utmost to make knowledge of the Rosicrucian Order available to all sincere seekers. One important way you can do this is through participating in the member implemented and funded Seekers Campaign, which has as its goal the placement of 1000 ads per year for the next three years in local city and community publications.

Let us join together now to help spread the Peace and Light of the Rosicrucian Order to all of humanity, in this way making our world a better place for all beings.

How You Can Help
There are two ways you can get involved in spreading the light of the Rosicrucian philosophy. One is to work with your local Affiliated Body to begin hosting special Open Meetings for the public. We have created some special materials to help you prepare and deliver inspirational Open Meetings. (Please see upper right column for links to these materials.) Please feel free to download and use all of these materials that have been created by our members.

To attract new members to the Order you can also contribute AMRA in the form of purchasing advertising for the Order. Please contact the Programs Department for more information.

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Seekers Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

How To Talk About The Order

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