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Description of Recurring Events

Public Events
Spiritual Laws Book Discussion
Each month, members and friends will gather to discuss a particular chapter from Dr. Lonnie Edwards’ wonderful book, Spiritual Laws that Govern Humanity and the Universe. Held on the Saturdays of the Monthly Mystical Weekend at 10 am in the Social Room of the Grand Temple.

Council of Solace
Monday through Friday, 11:55 am. This meditation ritual for metaphysical aid is held in the Grand Temple at Rosicrucian Park. Please be at the Grand Temple doors at 11:55 am for admittance, as the doors are closed at 12 noon for the meditation. Open to all Rosicrucian Members and to all Seekers among the public who wish to join in this work.

Rosicrucian Order Member-Only Events

Scheduling your Initiation at the Grand Temple
--Applicants must register in advance at least 14 days before each Initiation, since space is limited.
-- Registration is by email only to No telephone registrations will be taken.
-- Since we will need to contact you with essential details in preparation for the Initiation, your full contact information must be included with your registration: key number, phone, email and lesson cycle number.
-- Your registration will not be complete until you have received confirmation.

Initiations are held during the Monthly Mystical Weekends. See the events section of for schedules.

Martinist Activities

The Rose+Croix Grand Temple Heptad of the Traditional Martinist Order also meets in the Grand Temple building at Rosicrucian Park.

Spanish Convocations
Logia San José
Logia San José / Centro Cultural Rosacruz-San José of the Spanish Grand Lodge for the Americas also meets at the Grand Temple Building in San José. Please contact them directly at Logia San José / Centro Cultural Rosacruz-San José / PO Box 26523 / San José CA 95129-6523 USA.


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