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Rosicrucian Park
Egypt Trip 2005
Rosicrucian Park is situated in an area that was once mostly orchards and farmland. Conceived in 1927 by H. Spencer Lewis, the Park now covers nearly an entire city block. Rosicrucian Park attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. The Park offers a mysterious and beautiful combination of Egyptian and Moorish architecture set among broad lawns, rose gardens, statuary, and sparkling fountains. The peaceful environment, along with the spiritual essence of what Rosicrucian Park represents, creates a serene and harmonious ambiance sensed by its many visitors.

Spiritual Laws Book Discussion:
10:00 am Rosicrucian Park Mystical Weekend Saturdays Held in Grand Temple Social Room More
Council of Solace:
11:55 am Every Weekday in the Grand Temple

Around the Park:
Peace Garden Slide Show: View the evolution of the peace garden
Mastery of LIfe: Find out more about The Rosicrucian Order

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