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Rosicrucian Salons at Rosicrucian Park

Collaborative learning and shared wisdom is an ancient tradition among Rosicrucians, and this is manifested in two ongoing series at Rosicrucian Park. Two current series continue this tradition at Rosicrucian Park:

· On the second Tuesday of each month, members and the public gather in the Pronaos (lobby) of the Grand Temple at 7:30 pm for the Rosicrucian Salons, a series of lectures, discussions and workshops on topics ranging from mystical symbolism to the history of the Delphic Oracle to Ecology and the Holy Grail.

On the first Saturday of each month members and the public come together in the Rosicrucian Research Library at 10:30 am to discuss a book chosen the month before in the Rosicrucian Book Club.

Inspiration for the Salons comes from the 19th century Salons de Rose-Croix conducted by Joséphin Péladan, a Rosicrucian of that era. Artists, scholars, musicians and esoteric seekers gathered for these exhibitions, sharing the best of what they could offer, to inspire all. For more information on the history of these 19th century Salons, Rosicrucian historian Christian Rebisse provides an enlightening introductory essay on this fascinating period.

Here at Rosicrucian Park, these two Salon series complement the Park’s many other public activities, including the monthly Museum Lectures, Artistic exhibits in the Museum’s Lecture Gallery, classes, meditations, star shows, etc. A full schedule of thee public events may be found at our calendar. A key element of our Rosicrucian Salons is the concept that we all bring information, experience and insight about the topics discussed, and for true learning to occur, these must be shared with all. The wisdom of the group is facilitated by a lecturer or leader who is familiar with the subject matter.

Please join us for these opportunities for collaborative learning!


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Fall/Winter Seminar Series 2006/2007: The Study of Ancient Egypt

Class Five- February 4, 2007: The 3rd Intermediate Period and the Late Period
------March 4 Seminar Reading Assignment

Class Six- March 4, 2007: The Ptolemaic Period and Egypt after the Pharaohs

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