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Grand Master gives thanks to all involved in the creation of the Peace Garden

Grand Master Julie Scott thanked Grand Master Bindon and all those involved in the creation of the Rosicrucian Peace Garden.

”There were many people who made the Rosicrucian Peace Garden possible. First, and foremost, it is the members of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas, whose overwhelming generosity has made the construction of this garden possible.

Also, the members of the Board of Directors of the English Grand Lodge who have fully supported the creation of this garden; Imperator Christian Bernard, who has been instrumental in the success of this Grand Lodge by providing extraordinary inspiration and encouragement; Dr. Lonnie Edwards, Vice President of the Board of Directors, who first proposed that this garden be dedicated to the Rosicrucian ideal of Peace; Board Treasurer Julian Johnson, who created and has directed the Campaign for Rosicrucian Park that has funded the remarkable enhancements of this Park; and Board Secretary Karen Wark, who has been involved in all aspects of the renovation of Rosicrucian Park.

Thank you to everyone who participated in manifesting this beautiful garden dedicated to the Rosicrucian ideals of peace and tolerance.”


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