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Rosicrucian Supply Bureau - Help

Getting Started

To begin browsing, select the category for the item you would like to purchase and you will be taken to the appropriate webstore:

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Purchasing online is very similar to purchasing items in a store, you place items in your virtual shopping cart and once you have all the items you want, you proceed to checkout. In every store you will be given the option to review your order before your credit card is charged and you can remove items from your shopping cart if you change your mind.

Below are some examples.

If you are in the Bookstore, use this button to add items to your shopping cart:

and use this button to proceed to checkout:

Checkout will be handled by Amazon.com.

If you are in the Member Supplies store, use the red "Add to Cart" button to add items to your shopping cart, and use the red "Checkout" button to proceed to checkout.

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More Help

You can find Frequently Asked Questions, by visiting our FAQ page.

For the Bookstore, you can find more help topics here.

For the Member Supplies store, you can find more help topics here.

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