Book Review - The Sanctuary of Self - July 1, 2022 - Virtual Event

July 1, 2022 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Location: Online 4:00 PM PDT
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Online 4:00 PM PDT

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Book Review The Sanctuary of Self - Chapter Six: Light and Illumination

You are cordially invited to join us in reading and discussing one of our foundational Rosicrucian texts, The Sanctuary of Self by Ralph M. Lewis. 

This evening we will be continuing our journey into the wisdom of this book with Chapter Six: Light and Illumination 

Discussion Questions - Chapter Six (Meeting link posted after questions):

1. "Of all the contraries in nature, the opposites--light and darkness--are most obvious." How do light and darkness affect your soul personality?

2. "To the primitive mind, both light and darkness have a positive quality." Based on this premise, do you believe that the primitive mind is still prevalent in our society today? Should darkness be feared?

3. We are accustomed to associate many common experiences with the word light. Thus, what does light mean to you?

4. When darkness comes in the symbolic sense of disaster, disturbance or upset, how do you deal with it on a mystical level?

5. "In darkness things can be conceived but not perceived." What are your views here? Please give examples.

6. In death, there is no objective vision, but only darkness. Based on this perception, do you believe that this is why there is a great fear of death by many persons?

7. In Egypt, darkness and light were conceived as two poles of a magnet. What are your thoughts here? Please feel free to give examples.

8. In Egypt, the god Ra symbolized the sun and the positive aspects of life. Darkness was symbolized by the god Set. Think of ways in which Ra and Set are symbolically manifested in our world today.

9. Ralph M. Lewis refers to the phrase “The Greater Light.” What is your understanding of this term often heard in our rituals?

10. In the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, it is said, "Let there be light!" and that God divided light from darkness. Thus, darkness and light were considered by the ancient Hebrews as separate creations. Do you believe that light and darkness are separate creations?

11. The symbolism of light in the Bible in the New Testament suggests that darkness represents concealment and evil, and light represents goodness and virtue. Do you think that this moral distinction still stands today in the minds of most people? Please give examples.

12. "Our eyes may be open and our vision may be good, and yet we may not see." How is this applicable on a mystical level and indeed on a physical or emotional level?

13. "Wisdom is related to light and to the open and searching mind." Please discuss and give examples.

14. How do you distinguish between light and illumination?

15. To the mystic, illumination means understanding. What are your views here? Discuss.

16. "One may travel in light." Do you consider yourself a light traveler and why?

17. In the Confessio Fraternitatis, it is stated in effect that “the world must awaken out of its stupor and go further to meet the sun of the morning.” Several centuries later, now, in your view, are we in the world any closer to meeting our "sun in the morning”?

18. "Illumination follows a period of meditation.” Has this been your experience? Please give examples if possible.

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