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Meditation - A Path to Regeneration - Central Atlantic Rosicrucian Regions - July 25, 2021 - Virtual Event

July 25, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: Online 3:00 pm Eastern

Online 3:00 pm Eastern

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Meditation - A Path to Regeneration

 This week we will have with us at the Central Atlantic Rosicrucian Regions Gathering, Soror Betsy MacKay, Grand Councilor Emeritus, and currently serving as the Group Leader for the Athena Atrium in Nashville, Tennessee. Her presentation on Sunday, July 25th will be “Meditation – A Path to Regeneration” This will be a discussion and exercise about meditation from a psychological and Rosicrucian perspective. Drawing on the principles expressed in The Sanctuary of Self by Ralph M. Lewis

 “We must consider, when we look into the mirror to see ourselves objectively, physically, it is equally as important to turn the consciousness upon itself, to introvert it, so we can know the sentiments, the feelings or urges of the inner or psychic self. This self-analysis, this understanding of the understanding, may be termed the art of meditation, an ancient and truly mystical art.”

 Please join us in this presentation by Soror Betsy MacKay.

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