Rosicrucian Symposium - Surrender and Shine Forth the Living Sun - June 24, 2022 - Virtual Event

June 24, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location: Online 5:30 pm PDT

Online 5:30 pm PDT

Event Description

Surrender and Shine Forth the Living Sun with Hugh McCague

Surrender in Self-Mastery and spirituality involves not doing the will of others or the will of the outer self, but the will of the Divine Within. It is a process of increasing identification, absorption, and merging of our outer will and nature with the Divine Will and Nature. This surrender is a form of sacrifice (i.e., to make sacred) and transmutation of the outer self for our whole nature to be activated, healed, and ennobled through the Inner Self.

In this presentation, we will apply these keys to inner wisdom by conducting a mystical exercise and meditation on this process of surrender, Celestial Ascent, Cosmic Attunement, radiating Love and sending the healing forces to all, and shining forth the Living Sun.

We look foward to seeing you at this event!

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