An Aspect of Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, Part 3 - July 24, 2022 - Virtual Event

July 24, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location: Online 5.30pm Eastern Time
Street: Online
City/Town: Hamilton, ON, Canada
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Online 5.30pm Eastern Time

Event Description

The BA, the KA and the Neters - An Aspect of Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, Part 3

Online via Zoom, members only 

These presentations are in a series of three parts, all related to the BA, the KA and the Neters of Ancient Egypt. Part 1 was preparation for part 2. Attendees were exposed to relevant images and concepts based on these terms. The attendees were to internalize, relate them to the Rosicrucian teachings and meditate in the weeks between parts 1 and 2 on the practical significance of them personally. In Part 2 the focus was on recognizing examples of these forces and attuning with them at the levels of the microcosm, mesocosm and the macrocosm. Part 2 also included some preparation for part 3.

In the preparation for Part 3 we conducted an exercise in which we considered:

  • How the conscious forces or Neters operate at all levels
  • The “fixative principle” and the role it plays
  • What this principle is in you
  • How the Great Hierophants and Masters of the universe operate
  • What their “fixative principle” is, what flows from them and how

We were then asked to chose one of these great Beings and, for the next few minutes, ask the Inner Self that, if it pleases the Cosmic, we be attuned with and learn from that Great Source, so that we might understand their role better and consequently be better able to build our own, unique inner temple and method of service.

Kindly continue to contemplate these points.

The focus of Part 3 will be to further consider them and then to conduct some exercises in serving humanity - at some of the highest levels at which our Order works, carrying on the traditional work from antiquity to the present.

If you did not attend parts 1 and/or 2, you will still benefit from part 3. Privately choose beforehand in the upcoming weeks, an enlightened being or condition and consider how this Presence serves. This is an opportunity to put the teachings into practice.

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