Russian Cosmism–Vladimir Koptelov, FRC

Russian Cosmism Vladimir Koptelov, FRC General Administrator of the Russian Administration In this podcast, which is a reading of his discourse presented in the Grand Temple during the AMORC World Convention in San Jose, General Administrator Vladimir Koptelov introduces us to Russian Cosmism, the nineteenth century scientific, philosophical, religious, and cultural phenomenon in Russia. Running […]

Aurora — Jacob Boehme, translated by Marion S. Owens, SI

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin was so inspired by the writings of the mystic Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) that he learned German when he was forty years old so that he could read his “Second Master’s” original words. In the text below, Provincial Master Marion Owens translates from Baroque German into English excerpts from Boehme’s description of his […]

Martinist Lessons—Julian Johnson, SI

  Julian Johnson has served the Traditional Martinist Order in many capacities. He currently serves as the Board Treasurer of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas. In this article, he elucidates some of the most valuable and inspiring lessons of the Martinist teachings. Running Time: 21:36 | 51.8 MB Podcast Copyright © 2014 The […]

Exploring Your Hidden Assumptions — David Stein, F.R.C.

What do we take for granted? Scientist David Stein leads us in an examination of our assumptions in daily life, from Physics to Spirituality, in order to assist us in realizing the actual nature of much that we overlook. Preconceptions often determine how we view our daily lives and our beliefs, and the speaker helps […]