Harmony — Richard Schultz, F.R.C., Ph.D.

Harmony is often emphasized in esoteric circles as a goal of the seeker on the mystical path. By achieving harmony within, the mystic accomplishes a fusion with the divine essence and transcends the purely physical appetites, aspirations, and limitations of corporeal existence. In this podcast , we examine what harmony is, using references to familiar forms of harmony from music, the arts, and the sciences. We then examine the effect harmony has on its surroundings to discern whether harmony is the actual goal or, more precisely, a tool for effecting beneficial change. Finally, by drawing parallels between musical and mystical harmony, we explore some of the direct and indirect uses of mystical harmony in today’s society.
This podcast is written and narrated by Dr. Richard Schultz.

Running Time: 19:43 | 9.5 MB
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Posted by Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum @ 9/01/2006