Rosicrucian Initiatic Journeys to Egypt

Rosicrucian initiatic journeys to Egypt began in 1929 with Imperator H. Spencer Lewis
leading the first group. These extraordinary pilgrimages continue until today. Seventy-five
Rosicrucians from throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe accompanied
H. Spencer Lewis on that first initiatic journey. The principal destination was Egypt, however
on the way to and from that mystic land, the travelers visited mystical sites in the Madeira
Islands, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Holy Land, and Europe. As this was in the
days before regular transatlantic air service, the journey lasted seventy days. It concluded on
the Spring Equinox.

This trip was especially tailored for Rosicrucians. As is the case today, the travelers were treated
to unique experiences and unusual sites normally passed over by the casual tourist of the day.
At every site, in every city, members learned about cultural and mystical aspects related to the
site generally unknown to the ordinary traveler. Of course the most special features of this trip
were the unique initiations conducted by Imperator Lewis. This tradition continues today
with Imperator Claudio Mazzucco conferring the initiatic rituals in Egypt.

The entire 1929 tour was chronicled in eleven consecutive issues of The Mystic Triangle
magazine (the predecessor to today’s Rosicrucian Digest), from February through December
1929. We present below an excerpt from the original series.

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