The Ritual Path of Initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries–Mara Lynn Keller

“The Ritual Path of Initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries,” by Mara Lynn Keller, PhD, from the “The Sacred Feminine” issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. In this podcast, philosopher and thealogian Mara Lynn Keller explains in detail what it meant to partake in the Eleusinian Mysteries, a procession of rites and rituals celebrating Demeter and Persephone […]

The Oracles of Delphi–Grand Master Julie Scott

In this podcast, Grand Master Julie Scott leads us in visualizing: a world where women are celebrated as fonts of wisdom; a culture that values more than intellectual ways of knowing (for example, intuition, dreams, and synchronicities); teachers who encourage foresight to envision the greater path ahead, not just an immediate solution; sages who expect […]