Apuleius in the Underworld: A Footnote to Metamorphoses, Chapter 11 — John Carey, Ph.D.

This podcast features an article from the 2010 No. 1 Isis issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. In this commentary on Chapter 11 of The Golden Ass, John Carey connects Lucius’s experiences with the ancient Egyptian concept of the Amduat, demonstrating the Egyptian tradition contained within the Isis Mysteries. Running Time: 6:55 | 9.5 MB Podcast Copyright […]

The Epiphany of Isis — Lucius Apuleius

The Metamorphoses of Lucius by Lucius Apuleius, better known as The Golden Ass, is the only Roman novel to survive today. The present selection is assumed to be autobiographical, as Lucius describes the epiphany of Isis, most probably from his participation in the Isis Mysteries themselves. Running Time: 12:53 | 17.29 MB Podcast Copyright © 2010 Rosicrucian Order, […]