Great Women Initiates

Great Women Initiates

by Hélène Bernard

Throughout history, there have been women of exceptional courage and inspiration. Some, such as Joan of Arc, are well known; others have remained in relative obscurity—until now. In this book, Helene Bernard examines from a Rosicrucian viewpoint the lives of thirteen great women mystics. Her research and insight have unveiled these unsung heroines who, even in the face of great adversity, have staunchly defended freedom of thought and the light of mysticism.

 Explore this wonderful collection of biographies chronicling the lives of thirteen remarkable women who were spiritually enlightened and courageous in their pursuit of truth.

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Table Of Contents:

Great Women Initiates


Jeanne Guesdon

Esclarmonde de Foix

Tiy and Nefertiti

Helena Blavatsky

Hildegarde de Bingen

Mâ Ananda Moyî

Lady Pernelle

Maria Deraismes

Tiphaine de Raguenel

Joan of Arc

Dona Béatrice



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Rosicrucian Books


H. Spencer Lewis

A Thousand Years of Yesterdays

Essays of the Modern Mystic

Mansions of the Soul

Master of the Rose Cross

Mental Poisoning

Rosicrucian Principles for Home and Business

Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life

The Mystical Life of Jesus

The Secret Doctrines of Jesus

The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid 

Ralph M. Lewis

Along Civilization's Trail

Behold the Sign - Ancient Symbolism

Cosmic Mission Fulfilled

Mental Alchemy

The Conscious Interlude

The Immortalized Words of the Past

The Sanctuary of Self

Through the Mind's Eye

Whisperings of Self

Yesterday Has Much to Tell

Christian Bernard

Rosicrucian Reflections

Rosicrucian Questions and Answers

So Mote It Be!

Other Rosicrucian Authors

Raymund Andrea

The Mystic Path

The Technique of the Disciple

The Technique of the Master

The Way of the Heart

Helene Bernard

Great Women Initiates

Wishar Cerve

Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific

Stanley K. Clark

What to Eat and When

Rodman R. Clayson

Egypt's Ancient Heritage 

Our Cosmic Neighbors: Story of the Stars

Dr. Lonnie C. Edwards

Spiritual Laws

Ben Finger Jr.

Man Against Darkness

Max Guilmot

The Initiatory Process in Ancient Egypt

Laura DeWitt James

The Word Went Forth

Isidor Kalisch

Sepher Yezirah - A Book on Creation

Ralph Whiteside Kerr

Herbalism Through the Ages

Edward Lee

Practical Mysticism

Ruth Phelps

The Universe of Numbers

Phyllis L. Pipitone

The Inner World of Dreams

Cecil A. Poole

Cares that Infest - Between Man and Happiness

In Search of Reality

The Eternal Fruits of Knowledge

Mysticism: The Ultimate Experience

Sri Ramatherio

Unto Thee I Grant…

Christian Rebisse

Rosicrucian History and Mysteries

Lisa Schwappach-Shirriff

Treasures of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

Mystics at Prayer

Mystic Wisdom

The American Rosae Crucis

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