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Rosicrucian Digest Archive
Cover of Rosicrucian DigestEach issue of the bi-annual Rosicrucian Digest provides readers with a compendium of materials regarding the ongoing flow of the Rosicrucian Timeline. The articles, historical excerpts, art, and literature included in this Digest span the ages, and are not only interesting in themselves, but also seek to provide a lasting reference shelf to stimulate continuing study of all of those factors which make up Rosicrucian history and thought. Therefore, we present classical background, historical development, and modern reflections on each of our subjects, using the many forms of primary sources, reflective commentaries, the arts, creative fiction, and poetry.

Mystic TriangleRosicrucian Digest

From 1925 through 1929 Dr. H. Spencer Lewis published the Mystic Triangle which is now known as the Rosicrucian Digest .

We are now happy to have all of the issues that were published scanned in and available online for your research and reading pleasure.


Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th & 17th Centuries
Rosicrucian DigestThis book is a rare collection of full-size plates illustrating and explaining Rosicrucian symbols. Invaluable reference material. This document is (according to the frontspiece) "an exact reproduction of the orginal but with the German text and terms literally translated." Due to the size, this document has been split into three files.

Rosicrucian Archival Documents
Rosicrucian DigestPrepared by the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC, this book contains reproductions of original documents referring to the authority, recognition, affiliation and administration of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. The complete collection of original documents are numerous and are currently stored in the archives of the Order. This book contains the most important and representive examples and is divided into the following sections: Averment; Authority & Organization; Affiliation; Recognition; Administration; and Honorable Mention.

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