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Book Review - Mental Alchemy - September 24, 2021 - Virtual Event

September 24, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: Online 3:00 pm Pacific

Online 3:00 pm Pacific

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Book Review -Mental Alchemy

You are invited to join us in reading and discussing one of our foundational Rosicrucian texts - Mental Alchemy by Ralph M. Lewis.

We meet every other Friday, from 3 pm to 5 pm Pacific Time, including Friday, September 24 when we will be discussing Chapter Thirteen - Mysticism - A Way of Life.

Please note that it is very important to read the book before we meet.

The chapters are short and you can access the book for free here: Mental Alchemy.

Here is the meeting link:

Looking forward to seeing you Friday, September 24!

Here are the discussion questions for the chapter that we are reading this week:

Mental Alchemy Ch XIIi Mysticism—A Way of Life

1. Both primitive and some current well-established religions exhibit characteristics of a religio-magical background. What are some examples?

2. Trace the origins of sorcerers, shamans, and priests. How were these individuals ‘different’ and how did they become fixtures in society?

3. What were the characteristics that typified the first mystics?

4. What conditions and events marked the shift from traditional mysticism to doctrinal mysticism?

5. Describe each of the three types of mystical experience:

    a. Joyous apprehension of the absolute
    b. Increase in perception
    c. Quickening of the psychic consciousness (illumination/all is one)

6. What are noetic effects and how are these personally useful to us as mystics?

7. Our text notes that the mystical experience is transient in nature—usually only a few seconds in duration. How may we change this?

8. A doctrine of mysticism denies that knowledge is limited to an unfolding of our normal consciousness What other ‘knowledge’ is implied here?

9. A doctrine of mysticism denies that reason alone is the sole channel to truth, stating that this is hopelessly incomplete, and posits that within our hearts is a glorious intellectual mirror in which we may perceive the true nature of things. Please describe your impression of this mirror and discuss.

10. Mysticism teaches that proper meditation captures the whole self, integrating its various levels and providing discernment. It further states that a single hour of this ‘special light’ teaches us more than we could learn from other humans in 1,000 hours. Please describe this inner light and describe/explain how this statement could be true.

11. It has been declared that all divine revelation is truth and must be accepted on faith. If there is a contradiction by reason, the latter must give way to faith and revelation. Do you agree?

12. It has been declared that all divine revelation is truth and must be accepted on faith. The mystics affirmed that intuition was an agent of truth equal to revelation and that one could intuitively acquire truth regarding the workings of nature and of the cosmos—surpassing the power of reason to realize. Do you agree? Please give examples to support your position.

13. How does one confirm that one’s ‘intuition’ is divinely sourced and therefore accurate?

14. How is mysticism directly applicable to our lives (as is stated in our text) Please give examples.

Here is the meeting link:

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

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