Deja Vu - A Psychic Experience - April 23, 2023 - Virtual Event

April 23, 2023 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

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Online 5.30pm EDT

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Is Déjà Vu a Psychic Experience? Jan 1982 article by George Buletza – Rosicrucian Digest

In this article, Dr. Buletza concluded that brain mechanisms allow us the opportunity to reflect more deeply upon the true nature of self. Have you ever had a déjà vu experience, an unexpected and inexplicable feeling that you have experienced the event before? Do you consider the experience psychic, physiological or both? Some people say déjà vu experiences are: reincarnation memories; subconscious memories of dream projections or out of body experiences; or subconscious memories of precognitive dreams and clairvoyance. Those who meditate frequently say that they have a higher frequency of déjà vu. Brain stimulation achieves similar results. Many with lesions in the right temporal lobe of the brain also experience it. And possibly, a time delay of two to six milliseconds between the right and left brain hemispheres causes this. Carl Jung observed cases in which dreams and waking states led to déjà vu. He advanced his own theory of déjà vu (explained in the article). Déjà vu comes with a feeling of emotion and wonder, similar to the mystical experience. Déjà vu may also be accompanied by specific memories of precognitive dreams and visions. How have your déjà vu experiences made you feel? Do you want to experience more of these? What do you feel are the mystical aspects of déjà vu? We welcome you to share your experiences and thoughts with us.

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