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Mystical Workshop: Practical Application of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life - September 28, 2019 - Dallas, TX

September 28, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Location: Triangle Lodge
Street: 4617 Insurance Lane
City/Town: Dallas

Triangle Lodge

Event Description

In this Workshop, Frater Tabe will be taking us on a practical journey through the exploration of the following Kabbalistic topics:

1. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life. How the glyph of the Tree of Life provides a psychological map of our Psyche and the Universe.

2. Kabbalistic methods on developing spiritual sensitivity (Inner Sensorium) and increasing our capacity to sense the Tree of Life within us, and activating our latent potentials to bring about inner and outer transformations.

3. Why we should and how we can benefit from the Fruits of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

4. Applying Kabbalistic Knowledge to tackle life situations.

5. The Tree of Life and the Classical Rosicrucian paths.


Frater Manfred Mingole Nkoh Tabe was born in Cameroon to a founding family of Rosicrucian Activities in Cameroon. The life and Works of his Guardian and Grandfather, Pastor Mingole Eyidi Manfred (Chinois) sparked his interest in Mysticism and Kabbalah at an early age of 12, and he officially joined the Order 8 years later in 2000. Frater Tabe has served at various levels with affiliated bodies of both AMORC and TMO in the English Grand Lodge for the Americas and supporting member of both the French and English Grand Lodges for Europe and Africa. He served in various positions at different affiliated bodies, including as Deputy Master of Karnak Chapter, Milwaukee, WI and currently serving as Heptad Master for Triangle Heptad Dallas, TX.

Frater Tabe is a Project Management and Information Technology professional, who enjoys learning about Technological growth and the Evolution of Human Consciousness. He enjoys exploring the practical aspects of Mysticism and Kabbalistic Knowledge. Frater Tabe expresses himself perfectly in French, English and 3 African dialects.


This one-day workshop is open to Rosicrucian members and Seekers. Lunch will be provided.

Member/Non-member $15.00
Couples $20.00

Include Your Name, Key No. (if applicable), and add AMRA Donations (if applicable) to the total of your check or money order.

Make checks payable to Triangle Lodge and mail to:

Triangle Lodge, AMORC
4617 Insurance Lane
P. O. Box 600177
Dallas, TX 75360-0177

Phone: (214) 526-2890

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