Weekly Department of Instruction Teleconference - Meditation in Depth XII - September 27, 2023 - Virtual Event

September 27, 2023 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Location: Online 1:30 pm PDT

Online 1:30 pm PDT

Event Description

Meditation in Depth XII

Meditation is the key, and central, practice of spirituality and for the mastery of life. Much progress can be made when meditation is practiced daily. Is it okay to meditate in complete silence? Is it okay to move during meditation? Is it okay to recline or lie down during meditation? During meditation, can we commune with loved ones who have passed away? Do the sacred texts found in 1945 near Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt discuss meditation? These common, and not-so-common, questions and more will be covered. Join Hugh McCague as we continue to explore how meditation makes for the most direct and sure wise counsel in our daily lives and increases our well-being and capacity for service.

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“No one is free whose mind is not like a door with a double-acting hinge swinging outward to release their own ideas and inward to receive the worthy thoughts of others.”
- Validivar