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Council of Solace

To have your name listed with the Council, please submit your petition online.

Hierarchy Dates for RC Year 3375 

Thursday, May 19

Thursday, August 18

Thursday, November 17

Thursday, February 16

Hierarchy Members are encouraged to participate on these dates at 8 pm local time.

Affiliated Bodies

To find a Lodge, Chapter, Pronaos or Atrium Group in your area, please join the virtual Rosicrucian Community at

If you have lost your Initiation Record Card, please contact the Lodge at which you received the Initiation. The Grand Lodge does not maintain records of initiations that have been conferred at local Lodges.

Traditional Martinist Order

For information about Martinist initiation records or to ask a question about your TMO dues or lessons, please contact the TMO office using the link below.
Contact the Grand Heptad by e-mail.

Programs, Conventions, Regional Events and RCUI

For information about Programs, Conventions, Regional Events, and Rose Croix University International classes, please see our activities pages, or contact our programs department.

Initiations at the Grand Temple

Members who live near or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area may wish to participate in initiations at the Grand Temple. Please check the schedule of initiations at If you would like to take part in these initiations, please contact our Programs Department with this request.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

For information about special events at the Museum please visit

If you are not yet a Rosicrucian member and would like more information, you may download your copy of the Mastery of Life.


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