General Points on the Role of the Endocrine Glands–Paul Dupont, MD, FRC

General Points on the Role of the Endocrine Glands, by Paul Dupont, MD, FRC, from the “Radiant Health” issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. In this podcast, Frater Dupont discusses the body’s all-important hormone distributors, the endocrine glands, exploring how the glands can not only follow natural and cosmic cycles, but also react to subtle psychic […]

Awakening the Heart Center–Ilkka Laaksonen, FRC

Awakening the Heart Center Ilkka Laaksonen, FRC General Administrator of the Finnish Administration In this podcast, which is a reading of his discourse presented in the Grand Temple, during the AMORC World Convention in San Jose, General Administrator Ilkka Laaksonen reminds us of the physical, mystical, and spiritual functions of our Heart Center. Running Time: […]