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Rosicrucian Digest Vol 98 No 2 2020

Expanding Our Awareness 

Volume 99 Number 2 2021

In this issue of the Rosicrucian Digest we explore Expanding Our Awareness by taking a different look at the universe and our place in it, as we traverse some subjects that invite a deeper understanding.

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On Ecology
Imperator Claudio Mazzucco, FRC

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Images: Italian Grand Lodge, Lucy Skeleton, The Crab Nebula, Volunteerism

Italian Grand Lodge

Just Beneath the Surface of Everyday Life – Experiencing Awe
Grand Master Julie Scott, SRC

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Video: Just Beneath the Surface of Everyday Life - Experiencing Awe
Video: How Does the Divine Keep from Fainting? - Rumi
Images: Cueva de las Manos, Earth Rise, Journey of Humanity, Girl with bubbles, Machu Picchu, Monk making a mandala, Pyramids, Statue of Liberty, Tiger's Nest

Kid with bubbles


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Image: Eagle

Marcus Aurelius

Meditations on Expanding Our Awareness – Lucid Waking
Julian Johnson, FRC

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Images: Book binding, Boy with a kite at sunset, Microscopic snowflake, Monk with Buddha, Silhouetted woman meditating

Kid with kite at sunset

The Mercurius Principle: An Alchemical Model of Creation
Dennis William Hauck, PhD, FRC

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Images: Cosmology of Alchemy chart, Monas Hieroglyphica frontispiece, Solar King and Lunar Queen meet, The Alchemy Exhibit at Rosicrucian Park, The Alchemist, The Alchemist's Laboratory

Alchemy Exhibit at Rosircrucian Park

Expanded Awareness through Inner Silence
Ese Magege, SRC

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Video: Expanded Awareness Through Inner Silence
Images: Man with dog at sunset, Milky Way gazing

Milky Way

Delving into the Folds
Michael Shaluly, FRC

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Video: Delving Into the Folds of Our Hearts
Images: Hands holding candle, La meditation, Magdalene with Two Flames, Meditation, The Toilers of the Sea, Water

La meditation

Journey to the Center of the Garden
Gail Butler, SRC

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Images: Ace of Pentacles, An impluvium in an atrium, Five of Pentacles, Garden at the Commanderie Des Templiers de Coulommiers, Garden Entrance, Jerusalem's Garden of Gethsemane, Keukenhof flower garden, Moonlight Garden complex watercolor, Nine of Pentalces, Tomb of Nebamun Egyptian garden

Garden Entrance

Recollections of the Past
H. Spencer Lewis, FRC

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Images: Ayers Rock, Castle Vaduz in Liechtenstein, Entrance to Karnak Temple, Ganesha Basohli, Jerusalem alley, Library in Portugal, Montreal street, The 14th Dalai Lama

Entrance to Karnak Temple

Is the Divine an Energy?
Ralph M. Lewis, FRC

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Images: Double quasars in merging galaxies, Infrared image of the night sky, The Twin Jet Nebula

Twin Jet Nebula

Can We Know the Absolute?
Cecil A. Poole, FRC

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Images: Actress next to stage, Woman fencing, Boy with elephant, Old book cover, Woman meditating at sunset

Woman meditating at sunset

The Smuggler
Idries Shah

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Image: Donkey carrying hay

Donkey with hay

Supplemental Materials

Expanding Awareness through Soul, Science, and Nature
Paul Werbos, FRC

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Images: Aurora over a hut, Butterflies and mushrooms, Cacti in Argentina, House on a lake, Tree at sunset

Tree at sunset

Second Letter to the Apostate

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PDF: First Letter to the Apostate
Images: Hermes Trismegistus, Robert Fludd drawing

Hermes Trismegistus

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