Rosicrucian Digest

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
Celebrates 100 Years

Volume 93 Number 1 2015

This issue of the Rosicrucian Digest celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Rosicrucian Order.

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The Mission 

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Images: Rose Croix Illumination, 1915 CharterClemence Isaure Appears to the Troubadours

The Founding

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Video: Who are the Rose Croix? Part 2 - H. Spencer Lewis
Video playlist: Restorer of Rosicrucianism
Images: Poster of Original AMORC National HeadquartersH. Spencer LewisRosicrucian BooksH. Spencer Lewis and Martha on their HoneymoonMartha LewisMay Banks StaceyThor KiimalethoThe Directors and Administrators of the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC

The Egregore

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Images from the 1910s: The EgregoreH. Spencer Lewis reading, 1915 Oath, 1915 Pronunziamento, 1916 American Rosae Crucis1917 Pittsburgh AMORC Convention, 1918 H. Spencer Lewis in Carmel, CA

Images from the 1920s: 1924 Ralph M. Lewis working at his desk in San Francisco, 1929 AMORC Convention, 1929 Rosicrucian Initiatic Journey to Egypt

Images from the 1930s: 1930 Rosicrucian Digest1931 AdvertisementPylons Construction1934 FUDOSI Manifesto1934 Sphinx Time Capsule1936 H. Spencer Lewis demonstrates Planetarium Star Projector1936 Ralph M. Lewis in the King's Chamber1938 Naglee Avenue1938 Research Lab

Images from the 1940s: 1940 Newspaper Article of Time Capsule in CryptRosicrucian Orchestra1945 Ralph M. Lewis United Nations Card1946 Alchemy Class1946 RCUI classRosicrucian Member during WWII1949 Newspaper Article of AMORC Temple Dedication

Images from the 1950s: Planetarium KidsTrain Trip1953 Rose Croix University Group Photo

Images from the 1960s: 1964 Ralph and Gladys Lewis in the Caribbean1963 Lonnie Edwards, Olive Asher and Joseph Weed1964 Advertisement - It May Be News to You1965 AMORC 50th Anniversary Convention Program1966 Ralph M. Lewis at the Opening of the Egyptian Museum

Images from the 1970s: Edward Lee - Vowel Sounds in the Great Pyramid

Images from the 1980s: 1981 Cro Maat Key1981 Ralph M. Lewis Receives Inscribed Key

Images from 1990s: 1990 Imperator Christian Bernard at His Installation

Images from the 2000s: 2001 PositioAMORC Rosicrucian Digest2014 Appellatio2015 English Grand Lodge for the Americas Board of Directors2015 Letter from President Barack Obama

Links: Rosicrucian Community, Facebook, Twitter, Rosicrucian Park Instagram, Rose+Croix Journal, Rosicrucian Cultural Center 

Rosicrucian Park

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Images: Akhnaton ShrineAlchemy ExhibitAlchemy GardenGrand TempleObeliskPeace PolePythagoras StatueRosicrucian Egyptian Museum,  1930 Rosicrucian MuseumIncense BurnerSekhmet StatueSherit Child MummyAkhnaton RingCleopatra VIIRosicrucian LabyrinthRosicrucian Peace GardenRosicrucian Planetarium1936 Newspaper Article Planetarium DedicationRosicrucian Research Library, Native Plants75th Anniversary of the Rosicrucian Egyptian MuseumDennis Hauck Alchemy Exhibit OpeningLabyrinth DedicationMembers Enjoy Labyrinth Dedication

Rosicrucian Artists 

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Images: H. Spencer Lewis - Stone Archway, Nicholas Roerich - Mother of the WorldDiego Rivera - Quetzalcoatl Serpiente Emplumada, Leopold de Postels - The Heart UnafraidDiana Boveé Salyer - Grand Temple MuralNicomedes Gomez - The Cathedral of the Soul

Rosicrucian Writers

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Writers Images: Harvey Spencer LewisRalph Maxwell LewisChristian BernardElla Wheeler WilcoxMarie CorelliElbert HubbardLonnie Edwards, MD.



Rosicrucian Musicians

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Images: Sy Miller and Jill Jackson Miller, Albert FerberEdith PiafAlvin Batiste

The Future

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Images: <a

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