Liber 888 – Read by Lonnie Edwards, M.D.

This podcast is a reading of the booklet Liber 888 and the Council of Solace, read by Lonnie Edwards, M.D.

The Council of Solace is a group of Rosicrucians and others (at Rosicrucian Park and throughout the world) who meditate daily on behalf of others. The goal of the Council is to bring cosmic help to all those in need of it. The Council does this by putting certain spiritual energies into motion and directing them in accordance with mystical law and natural principles. Metaphysical aid is thus directed to individuals who petition the Council of Solace with health, domestic, economic, or other problems, and aid is also directed to those who are attuned with the Council.

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Posted by Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum @ 5/1/2007