Psychic Powers–Ingrid Young

Are psychic powers confined only to those with special talents and abilities, or can anyone experience them? In this podcast with long time Rosicrucian Ingrid Young, learn about some of the truths and myths concerning psychic abilities, share your own experiences, and practice a Rosicrucian exercise in enhancing your own innate intuitive abilities. Running Time: […]

The Science of Intuition — George Buletza, F.R.C., Ph.D.

The Rosicrucian Order’s scientific research into mystical and transpersonal experiences began with H. Spencer Lewis in the early 1900s. It continued with the establishment of the International Research Council (IRC) in 1934 with a very active team of experts in various related fields who researched and taught at Rose Croix University International (RCUI) at Rosicrucian […]