Psychic Powers–Ingrid Young

Are psychic powers confined only to those with special talents and abilities, or can anyone experience them? In this podcast with long time Rosicrucian Ingrid Young, learn about some of the truths and myths concerning psychic abilities, share your own experiences, and practice a Rosicrucian exercise in enhancing your own innate intuitive abilities. Running Time: […]

Five Simple Rosicrucian Exercises-From a Rosicrucian Manuscript

Five Simple Rosicrucian Exercises, from a Rosicrucian Manuscript, which appeared in the “Radiant Health” issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. In this podcast, we discuss a few easy exercises that can positively affect all levels of one’s health.​ Running Time: 4:54 | 11.8 MB Podcast Copyright © 2020 Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. All Rights Reserved.

Vitalis Rosae Crucis–Live Söderlund, SRC

Vitalis Rosae Crucis Live Söderlund, SRC Grand Master of the Scandinavian Grand Lodge In this podcast, which is a reading of her presentation at the AMORC World Convention in San Jose, Grand Master Live Söderlund leads us on a journey through the Temple of our Soul, the Cross of our Body upon which the Rose […]