Dreams–From a Rosicrucian Manuscript

From a Rosicrucian Manuscript

In this podcast, which is a reading of a Rosicrucian Manuscript, we are introduced to the nature of dreams, and given some suggestions on their interpretation.

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The Alchemy Exhibit at Rosicrucian Park–Dennis William Hauck, FRC, Ph.D.

The Alchemy Exhibit at Rosicrucian Park
Dennis William Hauck, FRC, Ph.D.

Recently Rosicrucian members and guests joined Grand Master Julie Scott and Frater Dennis William Hauck for the dedication of the Alchemy Exhibit at Rosicrucian Park. This exhibit presents an introduction to Alchemy, an important part of the Rosicrucian Tradition, and leads guests through the seven steps of the alchemical process. It also includes a reproduction of a medieval Alchemist’s Workshop, a copy of The Ripley Scroll, and a meditation chamber featuring the “Azoth of the Philosophers” image.

This exhibit, on display in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, will serve as the center-piece for the new Alchemy Museum at Rosicrucian Park, once the funds for the museum are raised. The Rosicrucian Alchemy Museum will be the first alchemy museum in the United States and the largest Alchemy Museum in the world.

This reading of the article presents some of the text from the Alchemy Exhibit panels, and includes the Azoth Meditation.

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Vitalis Rosae Crucis–Live Söderlund, SRC

Vitalis Rosae Crucis
Live Söderlund, SRC
Grand Master of the Scandinavian Grand Lodge

In this podcast, which is a reading of her presentation at the AMORC World Convention in San Jose, Grand Master Live Söderlund leads us on a journey through the Temple of our Soul, the Cross of our Body upon which the Rose of unfolding soul-personality blooms.

Running Time: 17:14 | 41.4 MB

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The Rosicrucian Chant — Herb Ernst, F.R.C.

           The Rosicrucian Chant is presented to every AMORC student at the beginning of the studies — to be sung, hummed, played either internally in the heart/mind or even externally in physicality if circumstances allow, when the member is in the home Sanctum, in Convocation, or wherever the need or desire arises.
          However, not everyone manifests musicianship and if one does, the opportunity to sing or play is sometimes elusive.  An alternative is to play a recording.  However, in the new world of digital music, a contemporary recording of The Rosicrucian Chant is difficult to find, as I’m sure some of you already know.
          I actually recorded a version of The Rosicrucian Chant in the 1980’s that perhaps some of you may have encountered in your association with AMORC, but as music recording technologies and artistic sensibilities have changed, it occurred to me that it was time for another expression of this most heartfelt music.  This was the motivation for the recording of several intuitive variations of this eternal song, used not just for simple entertainment but more importantly, as a tool for resonating, communing and communicating with the Inner Self and the energies of Celestial Sanctum.
          The first version is the traditional interpretation of The Rosicrucian Chant, taken directly from the sheet music itself.  The three variations that follow are recordings of intuitive performances, played from the heart from a spiritual perspective — with regard for metronomic exactitude and musical structures held only in secondary — or even tertiary — importance.
          With today’s technology, these recordings can be played separately, linked together or looped separately or together, in any order that you wish – whatever you need to facilitate going to the spiritual place you want or need to be.
          Please understand that this music is Rosicrucian in origin – inspired, composed, played, recorded and presented by members of AMORC, which holds all international copyrights.  I ask that you honor this sacred trust and keep it within the bounds of the Order.
          — Herb Ernst, F.R.C.

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