Guidelines for Submission

The Rosicrucian Digest is published two times per year by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. Its audience includes members of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and the public, interested in mysticism, philosophy, spirituality, history, and the arts and sciences.

The Rosicrucian Digest invites submissions of original historical studies, reflective essays, book reviews, poetry, original translations of public domain materials, and other offerings relevant to the subject matter of our thematic issues listed with their publication dates, following these guidelines. Submission to the Rosicrucian Digest implies that the article or other contribution has not been published elsewhere, has not been submitted to another publication, and will not be submitted to another publication during the time it is under consideration by the Rosicrucian Digest.


  1. Materials should be written in English. Articles and essays should normally have approximately 1,000 - 2,000 words, including references; however, shorter and longer papers of exceptional merit will also be considered for publication. Shorter works (book reviews, poetry, etc.) need not observe the word count guidelines. All submissions must follow style guidelines, including those for endnotes, following the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. For authors who are NOT masters of English, we recommend that you employ the services of a competent editor in your target language before submitting the paper to the Rosicrucian Digest Editorial Staff.
  2. Normally, an article or essay would begin with a brief introduction or orientation to the topic. This brief introduction should be written so that it is readable by those of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. To maximize the impact of the article or essay, it should contain subheadings as appropriate.
  3. Writers’ notes:
    a) Write to your audience, a general cross section of North American and Caribbean society.
    b) All language concerning human beings and the Deity should be inclusive, that is, gender-neutral. See our guidelines for bias-free language.
    c) Use active voice and positive language whenever possible.
    d) Avoid Rosicrucian jargon or technical terms – the Digest is a public magazine.
    e) Do not copy or cite material directly from the Rosicrucian Monographs.
  4. If the submission includes illustrations, the author must arrange for permission for reproduction of any images prior to submission of the article, or images that are in the public domain, please include these in the appropriate places in the article, with clear and explanatory captions. Please include the documentation for the permission from the image copyright holder with your submission. Note that images must be at 300 dpi resolution or higher.
  5. Times Roman Font or a similar Font at 12 point size is preferred. If the article or essay has references, please format them as bibliographic style endnotes, and a bibliography may also be included if appropriate to the submission. The Rosicrucian Digest requires that authors use Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. E.g., names of books, journals, and similar publications should be in italic font. Names of papers and articles should be in quotation marks.
  6. The Rosicrucian Digest occasionally uses quotations by famous scientists, philosophers, and other scholars, typically illustrating the theme of the paper. If you can identify one or two such quotations that lend impact to your paper, please include them on separate pages.
  7. To submit your paper, please email it as a MS Word attachment to Editor-in-Chief. Include a brief cover letter in the text of the email. Normally it will not be necessary to submit a printed copy of your material in addition to the electronic copy. If after receiving the electronic copy, the Rosicrucian Digest Editorial Staff determines that a printed copy is needed (for example, to resolve formatting issues), we will so advise you.

Call To Artists

Artists are invited to submit original works of art on themes based on the topic of each issue, for consideration for publication, and the deadline is the same. A low-resolution electronic version of submissions of artwork should be sent to for consideration. If your work of art is selected for publication, we will arrange with you to obtain a high-resolution version suitable for printing.

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