Master of the Rose CrossMaster of the Rose Cross

by H. Spencer Lewis

Harvey Spencer Lewis was born in New Jersey on November 25, 1883, of Welsh heritage and Methodist parents. He received an excellent education and a fine upbringing. From a very early age, he underwent mystical experiences which already indicated his exceptional destiny. For several years, he was the president of the New York Institute for Psychical Research, and was considered an authority in this field. In 1909, he made contact with the European leaders of the Rosicrucian Order. Having given proof of his integrity and of his knowledge in philosophical and esoteric matters, he was initiated in Toulouse, where he officially received the mission of reactivating the Order in America. Despite encountering numerous obstacles and difficulties, he carried out his mission well, and in conformity with the instructions that were given him by the Rosicrucians of France, he began to put into writing the Rosicrucian teachings. In order to demonstrate the traditional and authentic foundations of the Order, he made it known under the name, "The Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross." In 1915 he was named Imperator, that is, the international leader. After having dedicated his entire life to the service of the Order, Harvey Spencer Lewis passed through transition on August 2, 1939. This work, which is dedicated to him, is presented so that you can discover his thoughts through his essays. Though written in the past century, their message is always fresh. They demonstrate the modern spirit and avant-garde nature of this great philosopher and humanist.

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Table Of Contents:

Master of the Rose Cross


A Restorer of Rosicrucianism

Testimony by Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.

An Open Letter to All Rosicrucians 

From Mrs. H. Spencer Lewis, S.R.C.

H. Spencer Lewis by Peter Falcone, F.R.C.

My Youth by H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C.


Articles by H. Spencer Lewis

Our Heaven and Hell

Supermen and Superwomen

The Mystical Meaning of Amen

True Equality

Mysticism and Balance

Must We Suffer to Grow?

What Makes for Peace?

The Coming Revolution

The Bridge of Life

Attracting Success

Free Souls

What Is Karma?

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Another Spring


In Thy Right Hand 

Aum, Om, Amen

Your Sons and Daughters

The Birth Date of a Great Avatar

Imagination and Creativity

Making Progress

The Master Within

Being True to Self

Does Fear Enslave You?

Winter, Herald of Rebirth

Modern Alchemy

Christmas Has a Mystical Meaning

Work, a Lost Art?

Living in the Clouds

War, a Condition of Mind

Being a Mystic and Being Sane

The Rationalism of Reincarnation

Adult Education

Making Christmas Come True


The Divine Law of Compensation

Ascending the Mountain

The Eyes of a Mystic

Comprehending the Incomprehensible

Is Peace Hopeless?

Cosmic Politics

God and the Cosmic


The Worst of Human Weaknesses

When the Shadows Come

Magic Power of Secrecy

Creating in the Cosmic

The Secret of Praying

Visit to a Mystery School

Worldly Success and Spiritual Attainment

Quickening Nature

What Is Personality?

Three Eternal Truths

Leonardo da Vinci: A Master Mystic

Materialism and the Mystical Life

Creating Your Future

Nature Provides

How Thoughts Project

How to Pray

The Spirit of Christ 

Color, Its Mystical Influence

The Divinity of Humanity

What Are Selfish Interests?

Wisdom of the Sages

The Mysterious Crate

God—A Companion in Daily Affairs

On Vibrations

Physical Weakness—No Aid to Spirituality

Love and Thanksgiving

Reaching the Roof

Back to God and Health

On God and the Cosmic

The Mastery of Fate

The Mind—A Human Radio



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