The Sanctuary of SelfThe Sanctuary of Self

by Ralph M. Lewis

What could be more essential than the discovery and analysis of self, the composite of that consciousness which constitutes one's whole being? This book of sound logic presents revealingly and in entirety the four phases of human living: The Mysteries, The Technique, The Pitfalls, and Attainment.

Do you not, at times, entertain the question as to whether you are living your life to your best advantage? You may find an answer in some of the 23 chapters, presented under headings such as: Causality and Karma, The Lost Word, Death—The Law of Change, Love and Desire, Nature of Dreams, Prediction, Mastership and Perfection. Consider "Love and Desire."

In much of ancient and modern literature, as well as in the
many and various preachments of the present-day world, LOVE is proclaimed as the solution to all human conflict. Do you understand truly the meaning of absolute love? Do you know that there are various loves and that some of the so-called loves are dangerous drives?

Written authoritatively by Ralph M. Lewis, former Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) is of particular value as a text for teachers and students of metaphysics, including philosophy and psychology.

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Table Of Contents:

The Sanctuary of Self



PART ONE The Mysteries

The Mystical Life

The God Concept

Self and Soul

Love and Desire

Living Fully

Light and Illumination

Death The Law of Change

Causality and Karma

Karma in Effect

PART TWO The Technique

Entering the Silence


Nature of Prayer

Affirmations Their Use and Misuse

The Lost Word

The Technique of Initiation

PART THREE The Pitfalls

Occultism, Hermeticism, and Esotericism

Illusions of the Psychic


Nature of Dreams


PART FOUR Attainment

Mastership and Perfection


Cosmic Consciousness


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