What to Eat and WhenWhat to Eat and When

by Stanley K. Clark

“Mind over matter" is not a trite phrase. Your moods, your temperament, your very thoughts can and do affect digestion.

Are you overweight-or underweight? Appearances, even the scales, are not always reliable. Your age, your gender, the kind of work you do-all these factors determine whether your weight is correct or wrong for you. Do you know that some people suffer from food allergies? Learn these interesting facts, and how your digestion may be affected even hours after you have eaten.

The author of this book, Dr. Stanley K. Clark was for several years staff physician at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. He was a noted gastroenterologist (specialist in stomach and intestinal disorders.) He brings you his wealth of knowledge in this field, plus his additional findings from his study of the effects of the mind upon digestion.

What to Eat And When is compact, free from unnecessary technical terminology. Includes complete handy index, food chart, and sample menus. 

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Table Of Contents:

What to Eat and When


Non-Physical Causes of Indigestion

Definition of Food

The Truth about Vitamins

The Alchemy of Digestion

Daily and Seasonal Diet

Are You Overweight—Underweight?

Constipation and Allergy

Diet and Foods in Disease

How the Psychic Mind Affects Digestion

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